Trial Pump Program

Trial Pump Program

If you've never installed a Yamada air-powered double diaphragm in your organization because you wanted to avoid taking the RISK, your pump has arrived.

Yamada's trademark slogan, "The Proof's in the Pump" is much more than mere words, as the fluid transfer industry has consistently proven.

The non-centering spring assisted shifter in its patented air valve delivers reliable performance in a non-stalling, truly non-lubricated design.

Bolted shell construction and simplified in-line valve replacement keep Yamada pumps in-service and field maintenance costs minimized.

Don't take our word for it... take our pump for it!

Apply on-line now and receive a free Yamada t-shirt when your application is accepted.

Application for a Yamada Trial Pump

Liquid Properties

Please furnish as many details as possible.

Fahrenheit Celsius
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Yes No pH
Capacity and Operation Condition
Continuous Intermittent

Note: When calculating TDH, please remember to include vertical elevation, friction loss, specific gravity, suction lift, suction pressure & etc.


Suction Line

Flooded Suction Suction Lift

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Yes No

Years Months
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